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6th Annual Sargon Research Community Oncology Summit

We are pleased to have you join us for the 2020 Sargon Research Community Oncology Summit being held at the Holiday Inn-Belden Village August 14th and  15th.

When entering your name below, please enter as you would like it to appear on your name badge.  Once your registration is complete you will receive information on booking your hotel and ground transportation.

If you have any questions please contact Kathleen Matney at kmatney@gabrailcancercenter.com.


Physicians and Nurses:

If you are a physician or nurse would you be interested in participating in an advisory board?

Active Sargon Member:

A complimentary room for 1 night will be available for all active Sargon Members at the Holiday Inn Canton.

A confirmation email with details about the hotel and transportation will be emailed following completed registration.